Friday Idiom

This expression is used within a sentence, for example: So when I called, she said she hadn’t yet finished the work, and to add insult to injury, she also said she wasn’t planning on getting it done this week! So you really want to use this one when telling a story where you want to … Lire la suite de Friday Idiom

Friday Idiom: under the weather

If you’re feeling « under the weather » it means that you’re not at your best. Use it within a sentence when you’d like to tell someone that you’re not feeling well. It generally means you have a cold, and isn’t used for more serious illnesses.

Parenting and entrepreneuring: episode 3

So, if you have to work, forget feeling guilty. Organize your day so you can set aside family time, but when it’s your work time, guilt has no place. Your company is important, your well-being is important, and your kids need to learn to respect that; it’ll serve them in the future.

Word of the Day: remote

Another meaning for the word remote is the thing you use to change the channel on your TV! Technically, it’s called a remote control. Can you guess why? That’s right! It’s because you change the channel remotely, ie., from far away! Of course, most of the time, we just say: « Pass the remote. » Everyone will know what you’re talking about, you don’t generally need to add the « control » part.

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