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It’s almost Christmas. C’est presque jour J !

So let’s have another wee French tip this time about using « des » and « les ». This is something that can seem confusing, but if you think about it and see some examples, it becomes a little easier to digest.

Use des when you’re talking about more than one thing or person, but not about anything/one specific.

  • Achète des biscuits. Buy some cookies.
  • J’ai invité des voisins. I invited some neighbours.
  • J’ai des boutons partout ! I have pimples everywhere!
  • Est-ce que tu as des idées pour le cadeau de maman ? Do you have any ideas for mom’s present?

Use les when you’re talking about something specific.

  • J’ai invité les voisins d’en haut. I invited the neighbours from upstairs.
  • Passe-moi les biscuits. Pass the cookies.
  • Elle lui a donné les stylos. She game him the pens.
  • Les chats se sont échappés. The cats got away.

Alright, let me know if you have any questions! You can post your question in the comment section here, or in our Facebook group Groupetude Community.

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