Learning everyday French expressions in their "language familier" is very important to figuring out how to fit in with French society. And we're here to help you do that! Follow our blog or sign up to our online French courses and let us accompany you on your journey!

The French really love their expressions famillières. So it’s important that you learn the main ones if you want to hold your own in a conversation with a native.

Here are a few expressions (and their meanings) related to children:

  • un.e gosse – un petit garçon ou une petite fille (a little boy or a little girl)
  • un.e môme – see above!
  • un.e gamin.e – enfant (child)
  • un bout de chou – this is like a little pet name for a child
  • un petit bout – same as above
  • un.e mioche – very familier – a young child

All of these are regularly used, though I’ve heard mioche used less often than the others.

But seriously, these are very important to remember. I’ll bet if you watch even just one French movie, you’ll hear one of these expressions used. Go on, try it!

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