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These two verbs can sometimes be confusing. But if you can remember the definition, you’ll be ok.

Here’s the trick I use to remember:

Apporter = bring an object. I think of « porter » because it’s something you carry. So you carry an object to someone; you probably won’t carry a person, right?

Amener = bring someone. Okay, so I don’t have a trick for this one; I just try to remember the other one and hope it falls into place!

In any case, here are some more examples:

  • Si tu viens, apporte du chocolat.
  • Amène ton frère avec toi quand tu viens.
  • Apporte-moi la tablette s’il te plaît.
  • Apporte une chaise, nous n’en avons pas assez.
  • Amène ta belle-mère, je l’aime bien !
  • Si tu viens, amène ta fille.

Okay, how’s that? Can you think of any other examples? Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments, or join our Facebook group @Groupetude Community and post them there! Our French teachers will help you with any problem you have!

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