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French can be hard, but there are some rules that are quite simple, like the one in the picture above.

Use chez in front of a person, a proper noun, or an the acronym of a name, like EDF or IBM.

Some examples:

  • Nous sommes allés chez Citröen pour acheter notre voiture.
  • Est-ce que tu es déjà allé chez Mike ?
  • J’ai laissé mes clefs chez ma mère.
  • J’ai rendez-vous chez le dentiste demain.
  • Marie est allée chez le boucher avant de venir chez nous.

One way I help myself to remember this, albeit a silly way, (but aren’t they all?!) is to repeat to myself: Je vais chez GAP (the store); Je vais à Gap (the town). My French husband used to call me out on this one because I struggled with it.

Who knows why some things come easier than others, but this one I really couldn’t get through my brain for a very long time. I probably still mess it up without even noticing!

Can you think of anymore examples? Let us know in the comments!

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