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Do you celebrate the Saint Nicolas? If you have children in France you have surely heard of it, and for those who haven’t, here’s a little bit of reading on the subject:

D’où vient la Saint-Nicolas ?

Alright, so most of you probably already know a little about Saint Nicolas, but do you know the Père Fouettard? Today, the name is fraught with controversy, particularly in the the Netherlands because the Père Fouettard is often portrayed with dark skin and is also associated with Black Face and racial slurs. See here to read more about it.

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It is, however, a part of French tradition to warn children into being good by evoking the Père Fouettard who will punish them if they’re bad. Of course, this is mostly done in good humour, with a large dose of farce! I’ve heard my brother-in-law jokingly evoke the Père Fouettard not only to his kids, but also to friends and family.

For some more information and a bit of history, read this article: Le Père Fouettard : qui est-il ? D’où vient cette tradition ?

And finally, how do people actually celebrate? Let’s have a glimpse of what they do in Nancy!

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