Season’s greetings! Are you all ready for the holiday season? I know I am! I’m one of those people who just loves December for the songs, the lights, the decorations and the clementines! 

We’ve also got a lot of new things in store for you, as well as a special holiday promotion. 

We’ve got something for everyone: small group classes via Zoom, individual classes, and a combo of the two. Our prerogative is to help you progress efficiently and help you along the way to bilingualism! 

Our classes:

It takes about 200 guided hours for a learner to go up a CEFR level, and we’re here to help you through that! Our flagship program, Groupetude + takes you through 50 of those hours in just 12 weeks. If, in addition to this, you practice just an hour and 45 minutes more each day (socialising and watching movies counts) then you can really meet your next goal in no time. 

So, are you ready for the challenge? We’ve got special Christmas and New Year’s deals waiting for you! 10% off the Groupetude + package if you sign up with the promo code: XMA52021.

So what’s new?

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Frantastic! We’ve partnered up with Frantastic, an online learning platform tailored to your needs and your level. Sign up for a free level test and get started immediately! In addition to the level test, you get a two-week free trial to see if this is something for you. 

Watch out for Frantastic on our social media feed!

For more information, just let me know, I’ll be happy to chat.

Now for some tips!

Why not try a French advent calendar, with a new word or grammar point to learn and use everyday?! 

Be sure to follow our blog and/or our Facebook page for each daily tip. You can also join our learning group: Groupetude Community so that you can share and ask questions about French language quandaries! 

This season’s movie

Noël & Ciedirected by Alain Chabat and starring, among others, Audrey Tautou, this film really captures both the spirit of Christmas and the slightly raw French humour. We watched it a couple of years ago and laughed all the way through! 

This season’s traditions

If this is your first Christmas in France, why not do it the French way? So what’s for Christmas dinner? Well, different regions like to change it up a little, but there are a couple of staples that tend to be on all tables: foie gras and oysters. However, if you do want to partake in the French tradition, be sure to stock your cabinets starting now, because the best ones get snapped up pretty quickly!

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for the animals) I’ve always stumped my French family during the holidays because I can’t abide by either of these delicacies and year in year out have forced my mother in law to find some other “Christmassy” meal that I could eat. 

How about some music?

Have you heard of Georges Brassens? Yes? Have you heard of the Mountain Men? No? Well, check out both, then check out the Mountain Men’s rendition of Brassens. It’s quite honestly wonderful. Some great French music and yet another way to practice your language skills! 

Thank you all for reading, and season’s greetings! 

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