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Talking about sports in English can sometimes be confusing. But not to worry, follow our simple guidelines and you will be a pro!

First, remember to use the verb play for any game type sport. So you:

  • play soccer
  • play tennis
  • play baseball
  • play snooker
  • play catch
  • play rugby

Often, we use the verb go for individual sports:

  • go running
  • go skating
  • go hiking
  • go swimming
  • go walking

Then, we also simply use the verb exercise to talk about physical activity that doesn’t involve a particular sport, or when you don’t feel like specifying which sport you’re going to partake in:

  • How many time a week do you exercise?
  • I love exercising!
  • Urgh, I never exercise, I just can’t seem to find a sport I like.
  • I exercise about 3 times a week. What I do depends on how I feel: sometimes I go for a run, sometimes to the gym, and other times I play basketball with my kids.

A few things we don’t say

I’m going to go practice sport. We wouldn’t say this in English. Generally, you use the word practice to talk about perfecting a skill: practice cartwheels, practice walking in a straight line, practice tying your shoelaces, etc.

I practice football everyday. Again, see above.

However, you CAN go to soccer practice. That means that you’re going to a training session with your team.

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