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Don’t know the answer to something? Maybe you’re stumped!

If you’re stumped, it means you’re stuck for words; you don’t know what to do or say about a particular situation.

When I was a kid (and even today, sometimes) math problems often left me stumped. I couldn’t understand how to find the answer or why I needed to know at what exact time two trains would pass each other at a particular station. I didn’t get why they were going at different speeds, and I thought it was ridiculous that we needed to spend so much time on those types of problems.

Okay, let’s have another story.

One day, I was left stumped when, at the local town hall, an official asked me if Canada was in the European Union. Actually, that one still has me stumped. What on earth are you supposed to say to that? My instinct was to laugh and cry at the same time, but I didn’t, because I needed her to stamp some papers for me.

So, what’s got you stumped, or has done in the past? Maybe something about English grammar? Let us know, we’ll be happy to help!

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