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Use a towel to dry yourself after a bath or a shower; use a towel at the beach, to lie down on or dry yourself with as well.

The towel we bring to the beach is called a… wait for it… can you guess? Yes! a beach towel.

You can also use towels in the kitchen, these are called paper towels (among others).

Of course, there are many different kinds of towel:

  • Face cloth: a small towel used to wash/dry your face.
  • Beach towel: used for the beach! Duh!
  • Bath towel: these are usually larger than regular towels.
  • Hair towel: used for… yes, your hair! These tend to be small, though of course, not as small as a face cloth.
  • Hand towel: used for drying your hands, these are usually quite small.
  • Wash cloth: used to clean the surfaces of your home, usually found in the kitchen.
  • Gym towel: oh yes, you don’t want to bring your bath towel to the gym, do you?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s pretty complete and should be enough for now!

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