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I chose to write about this word today because it is often confused with the French word frais.

Now, frais also means fresh in the same way as the above definition describes, however, be careful not to use it to mean cold.

Il fait frais dehors = It’s cold outside. In English, we cannot say it’s fresh outside. Instead, you can say it’s cold outside.

Here are some examples of how to use the word fresh in English:

  • The fresh bread from the bakery smells delicious. (The bread is new.)
  • I came out to the mountains to get some fresh air. (The air is clean and full of vigor.)
  • Is this lasagne fresh? Yes, it was made this morning. (How old is the lasagne?)
  • I need to get a fresh start, that’s why I want to move to another city. (A new start.)
  • She’s so fresh faced, I hope she can handle the pressure of working here. (She looks young and innocent.)

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