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Kind is a very versatile word, here are two of its main meanings:

  • to be of a sympathetic or helpful nature (adjective)
  • a group united by common traits or interests (noun)

These two definitions are the most common. Let’s have some examples of each.

Kind (adjective)
  • In my experience, it’s always best to be kind. If anything, it’ll make you feel better as well.
  • My grandparents were always very kind to me growing up.
  • Lucy always has a kind word for everyone.
  • I think another important quality for a teacher is to be kind.
  • It’s very important to me that my son grows up to be a kind man.
Kind (noun)
  • There are many kinds of books here, you really do have a lot of choice.
  • What kind of yogurt would you like me to buy?
  • What kind of car are they looking for?
  • She came to my house with two different kinds of cake and asked me to choose my favourite.
  • There’s a kind of funny smell in here isn’t there?
Kind of

Last but not least, there’s also and expression we use a lot in English to mean somewhat, or, to a certain degree. For example:

  • A: Do you like the dish? B: Kind of, I’m not sure about the sauce, though.
  • I feel kind of nauseous, can we stop the car?
  • I kind of understand the problem, but you’ll have to explain it again, I think.
  • I can kind of see it, but it’s really blurry.
  • A: Do you understand? B: Kind of, but show me again, just in case!

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