What working for myself means to me

I’m writing this from my brother in law’s summer rental home in the Var region of France. We won’t be staying much longer, in fact, we’re leaving this morning because I have meetings. However, it really is extraordinary to work with a view like this one. The swimming pool, the hills, the blue sky dotted with wispy clouds; it’s perfect.

Too bad we’re leaving! There’s no place like home, though.

At home, it’ll be back to the grind stone while my family hangs out and enjoys their summer vacation. It’s not too bad though, really. Although my alternative would have been to have the entire summer off (teacher here) it certainly would not have meant the same freedom throughout the year. I also find that I really don’t mind working now, even as everyone else is sat with a good book or takes a snooze.

I spoke the other day with the owner of our favorite wine shop, he will be celebrating the shop’s 10 year anniversary this year and we talked about the work that goes into nurturing your business. Although there are moments where you have to work even on your holiday, it’s just not the same, though I daresay it must be annoying for the family.

I’ve dreamed of this for a long time, the freedom to work wherever you are, the freedom to be your own boss, to organize your own time and to have the potential to begin earning real money without sacrificing your family life. This is entrepreneurship for me. Of course, the risks for running your own business are not the same as when you work for someone else, but it’s worth it! It’s worth saying, yes, when your family invites you to spend a few days with them in the country; I wouldn’t have been able to do that while working for a language school, say. It’s worth having your munchkin home for lunch because you know you can be there. It’s worth being able to adopt a dog because you’re home, or you can get away from the office to walk your four legged friend in the middle of the work day. And it’s worth trying to make a real difference through your work, because it isn’t just work, it’s also something you’ve created.

The hiccup? It’s not always easy to keep a clear separation between your work and your personal life. How do you deal with this? I’m still figuring it out, but I’m very new at it! If you’ve got any tips, leave them in the comments!

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