Améliorez votre anglais avec notre expression de la semaine! Et n'oubliez pas de regarder nos programmes d'anglais intensifs en ligne. Toi aussi, tu peux être bilingue !

I want that piece of cake! LOL. It’s getting close to lunch time, and my tummy (stomach) is rumbling (making a noise that tells me I’m hungry).

But in all seriousness, I love this expression because it’s so visual.

It’s a piece of cake = it’s easy.

You can use this expression for anything really. For example, if you’re doing a really easy math problem, you can say: piece of cake! Or, if you’re about to show someone how to do something that’s very simply you can say to them: let me show you, it’s a piece of cake.

So, apart from making you salivate and suppress the desire to run out and buy that lovely piece of cake, our expression will be useful for those of you who find something, anything, easy!

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