Améliorez votre anglais une expression à la fois avec Groupetude!

Sometimes, when we say we gotta do something, then we’re gonna do it no matter what; in that case, you can say that you’ll do it come rain or shine (shine refers to the sun).

Excuse the slangy expressions! Slang and informal speech are useful, however, particularly when you listen to real people speak.

Here are some things that I will do come rain or shine:

  • Walk my dog.
  • Pick my kid up.
  • Go to work.

But these are things we have to do everyday, they don’t really apply well to the expression. So here are some more pertinent examples:

  • I will get to the top of that mountain come rain or shine!
  • That house will get built come rain or shine.
  • We’ll get the job done come rain or shine.

Have you got any questions? Let me know!

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