Learn French slang with us every week!

This is one of the very first expressions I ever learned of real French. I had found a job as a waitress in a small bistro in Saint-Rémy de Provence and a girl I worked with said to me one day: « ça caille! » I, of course, looked at her like, « I don’t understand. » You know, with the big eyes and everything. She then explained to me that this meant: it’s freezing outside.

What she failed to mention was that this is an expression from Argot, which is French slang, not to be used in polite company, at work, etc. I had to learn this the hard way.

I’ve had many experiences like this, so I’ve decided to share slangy French with you from now on! Each week, we’ll have a new one to learn, and I want you to try to use it! Of course, be careful of your company, this is for friends and family, not for acquaintances and people who are easily offended by « risky » language.

You’ll see, French is full of colourful and fun expressions that you’ll love to use!

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