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Libraries can really be magical places. They are there to help you discover books, they store wonderful worlds and they are peaceful havens for anyone who needs a quiet place to read or study.

The local library in Aix-en-Provence also hosts exhibitions for local artists, festivals, story time, and even a movie theatre. The cinema is wonderful because it shows great old films that have long since left the big screen and lets us rediscover them the way they were meant to be shown at the time.

Unfortunately, I rarely go to the library as I love to keep the books I enjoyed. My personal library is vast and I keep it in the hope that if I surround my son with books, he’ll be more likely to reach for them later, out of curiosity and habit.

So go to the library, or create your own! And remember: a book shop is where you buy books, a library is where they are free for you to borrow.

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