Summer is finally here, and soon, summer vacation too! Well, summer vacation for a certain little person and an ultra-planned « day-care » schedule for him.

We’ve got everything figured out down to the very last day:

First comes sports camp for 3 days, (school ends on a Tuesday, weird, I know!) then off to grandma’s house for a week. After that, back to sports camp for another week, then daddy’s up for two weeks followed by the other set of grandparents for a week. And the last two weeks? Grandma and grandpa are coming down from Spain, and it’ll be time for a few days off for mommy, kind of.

I guess summer is a conundrum for most parents, particularly those who haven’t got any family nearby. I’m just happy that now that I’m working from home, I don’t have to worry about child care if there’s a school strike, an illness or some other last minute change of plans.

I actually find that despite the uncertainty of starting your own business, I’m much less stressed out than I was in previous years. I don’t run around like a crazy person, I can even help other parents out, if they’re stuck for child care, and I get to see my kid and my husband more often. It’s really been a transformative experience.

I’d love to hear about your experiences in going off and doing your own thing. Has it generally been positive? Have you got any hard-won advice to offer the rest of us newbies? Leave them in the comments!

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