It’s a quarter past 4pm, the baby-sitter will be back soon with our son, and we have nothing to eat, and I need to get to the cash machine to pay her.

The eternal question: what on earth is for dinner today?

Quesadillas? Why not… But what to put in them that our 4 year old will deign to swallow?! Urgh.

Of course, into the mix flies the Newsletter I haven’t written yet, and the fear that there is a typo I’ve missed in my publications today. I can’t afford typos, I’m an English teacher. But I’m human, and I always miss things! I have to read them 10 times to be sure, yet I still come back to work I’d done a long time ago and see mistakes.

Is this due to inattention? Sloppiness? Fatigue? A lack of time? Does it matter?

On Wednesdays (today) and on strike days (yesterday) my son has to fend for himself (only in the mornings on Wednesdays though, yay). It sounds awful, considering he’s only 4, but he’s pretty cool about it, so long as I can tolerate the noise emanating from his make believe universe. And he makes up some awesome stories! There he is, sometimes, building a spaceship that looks like a banana, or playing with his pirates when suddenly Ninjagos and superheroes come to save the day! But oh no! The cars are falling off the precipice and falling into the abyss of the floor! AAAAHHHH!

Okay, I don’t think he actually says all of those things, but it sounds like it, and the few phrases I catch from his adventures make them enviable!

On a more serious note. How do you organize yourselves? Particularly those of you homeschooling young kids? When do you work?! I’m so glad that tomorrow school picks up again. And so is my little guy. No more TV while mommy is in a class. No more Khan Academy while she’s in a meeting.

Yesterday, he came with me while I was giving a class at a local high school. He was so well behaved I bought him a chocolate ice cream right before lunch to say thank you!

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