A few days ago, I got a big exercise ball to use as a desk chair. I’ve heard they’re better for you than regular office chairs, and apart from struggling a bit with keeping my balance, I’m inclined to agree.

My 4 year old, however, thinks this is his new toy and tries, at various times of the day, to use it as a soccer ball, balance ball, and just generally enjoys rolling it around our (smallish) flat. This would be fine, I suppose, if my desk wasn’t a make-shift kitchen countertop resting on one trestle and a bookcase propped up with a few books I don’t read anymore. It isn’t wonderfully stable.

My home office.

That being said, I’m rather proud of my DIY desk and will include a picture of it here.

The home office in a smallish apartment is a challenge, particularly when you don’t actually have a room dedicated for work. My desk is in our front room, which doubles as an office, a dining room, a dance floor and a play area. The least that can be said about it is that it’s versatile!

These are not my biggest challenges though. One biggie is figuring out how to make sure that the noise from my apartment doesn’t seep into meetings with clients. I try to schedule meetings and classes during school hours, but this isn’t always possible. So, I have purchased a pair of headphones with a noise-cancelling mike. I have tested it out a few times and it seems to be doing the trick, even if my interlocutors can still hear the occasional screechy voice from a cartoon character on the TV, or my son’s screams of delight or anger when something, anything, happens.

My dream is for a world where it’s ok to hear the sound of children in the background during work hours. I love having my kiddo around during the day, even if he makes it a little harder to concentrate. And then, when I think about, he doesn’t make it too much harder to concentrate, he just reminds me that I need to take breaks. He reminds me that my mind is fresher after I come back from a walk, or a card game, or a few minutes spent swinging on the hammock.

Modern society has taught us that we must sit on our butts all day, in the office and work work work! That this is productivity. But it isn’t, is it? Who among you is capable or sitting for 4 straight hours and actually get good work done? Then take a quick break and sit for 4 more hours. We’re not designed to do this. Our brains, just as our bodies, need action, diversity and challenge. Sitting like brainless zombies in front of a computer because we have to won’t make us more productive. Having our children around will not (necessarily) make us less productive.

I have noticed that I get as much work done in a 4 or 5 hour day as I do in a 6 or 7 hour day. My mind is fresh, ready to take on new challenges.

This is why I chose to be an entrepreneur, to risk it, to take on the challenge, to put myself out there and change the way I work and organize my life. It isn’t easy, it is stressful, but it’s rewarding and challenging and fun!

What are your current challenges?

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