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Rain, rain, go away!

By Klaudyna Piatek May 10th, 2021

Oh what to do on a rainy day? On a rainy week? 

How about card games! We’ve recently rediscovered some great card games to play with friends. Board games and card games are super popular in France, and many people have got a nice collection for every occasion. 

Lately, we’ve been playing Smile Life and Mini Ville. They’re lots of fun, even if there are only two players. If you’re learning French, this is a great way to practice without feeling like you’re studying, and the language in the games will really help you with everyday vocabulary. 

Learning English? Why not try scrabble online. If you’ve got someone to practice with at home, then you could even order the English version of the game. 

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Spring and painting and Normandy, interview with David Hockney:


The colors of spring, beautiful paintings, Normandy, and an interview with David Hockney, why not?! 

The myths you shouldn’t believe about the rights of Brits in France after Brexit


It’s always good to keep afloat of important info concerning your status. The Local dispels a few myths for you in this article. 



Long Term Improvement

As I already mentioned above, play some games! They’re really lots of fun, and will help so much with ease and fluency. Try Smile Life, really, it’s fun! If you play once a week with your partner, in French or in English (depending on what you’re trying to improve) I promise you will improve your vocabulary and confidence! 


Learning French: confused about whether a word is feminine or masculine? Check the dictionary or type it into Google, it’s a quick and easy way to get it right! 

Learning English: Have you been following our Word of the Day? If not, do so! Every Tuesday and Thursday on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram! 

Grammar Spot

Learning French: it’s sometimes possible to determine the gender of a word depending on its ending. Here’s a website which helps you with that! https://wwwling.arts.kuleuven.be/alfagram/nom/desc/genre/inanim/fter.htm#:~:text=noms%20masculins%3A%20%2Dage%2C%20ai,%2C%20%2Disme%2C…

Learning English: follow the next few weeks’ posts about grammar where we explain the rules surrounding modal verbs. You’ll find them on the blog every Monday! 

Ok, do you have any questions? Drop me line, I’ll get back to you ASAP! 

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