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I love a beautiful hardback edition, but paperbacks are just so handy! You can always fit them in a bag, and they’re light and easy to carry.

When I’m faced with a decision between paperback and hardcover, I always have to ask myself if I plan on taking the book with me to read outside, or if I’ll just keep it on my bedside table for before bed. Hard choice!

So to be clear, a paperback edition is a small, flexible-covered edition of a book, like the one in the picture on the left.

Incidentally, I really enjoyed Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom when I read it years ago. I’d recommend it for someone learning English because it’s got lots of dialogue and the language isn’t overly complicated.

What’s your favorite paperback? Let us know in the comments! Have you read this book? Tell us what you thought of it!

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