A few years ago for his birthday, I got my husband a cook book, and it was a hit! He loved it, and as it turns out, I loved it too. Inside were the key recipes to learn for every region of France. Since we had embarked on an adventure to learn how to cook properly, cooking our way through French regions seemed like a great idea. Another reason we had for trying this method was the TV5 show Echappées Belles, which makes us salivate each and every time!

Since then, I’ve stopped eating meat, which has made this process somewhat more difficult, but with an adjustment here and there, it’s also possible.

So what’s another bonus of this? I learned so much more French vocabulary in the process! The nice thing about cook books is that they’re very clear, they don’t beat about the bush, and they’re authentic. These aren’t French as a foreign language (FLE, acronym in French) books, but real, French guides used by real French people.

An alternative is also watching a cooking show in French, though beyond Master Chef, I don’t have any good recommendations. Do you? I’d love to hear about any good cooking shows out there. I tend to go on You Tube to look for videos of simple recipes, particularly in terms of baking, so that I can really see what the chef is doing!

So, to summarize, here are some great reasons to cook in French:

  • It’s pretty useful in terms of learning all the different names for kitchen utensils.
  • You’ll be able to find alternative products for things you can’t find here, and learn their names!
  • Especially if you’re in the south, there are many vegetable varieties that we don’t necessarily have at home (I’m from Toronto, Canada, so the varieties here in the south are really wonderful).
  • It can be fun, and certainly a different way of learning.
  • France has really got some great regional dishes so you’ll have a wonderful meal for every day of the year!

Do you practice French while cooking? Let us know below!

And don’t forget, you can always join one of our cooking workshops on Thursday evenings!

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