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This week: after the long weekend

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By Klaudyna Piatek April 6th, 2021

Did the Easter Bunny bring everyone their chocolate eggs? On that note, I recently completed a survey about how much chocolate I consume every year, and I have to say that the figure is food for thought. But then, it’s chocolate, right? 

As we head definitively into Spring, I am overjoyed to rediscover the hamac I hung on my balcony last year as we were nearing the end of summer. And what a joy it is! Even those short 5 minutes I take every lunchtime to just lay there and swing gently from side to side can really make a difference in my day. Highly recommended to anyone who has that little bit of extra space on their balcony! 

Alright, now for some news. Our kids’ workshops are now up and running, so if you know a kid who likes to bake, cook, paint or play games, send them my way! We’re going to be doing all that and more during our April workshops. Everything is, of course, in English! 

We’ve also started an English Kids’ Book Club, so for all those interested, be sure to sign up!

For more information, make sure you send me an e-mail or give me a call! 




‘Speak of the devil’ – Why are there so many wolves in the French language?

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Some French expressions with the word “loup”. This article will be useful for both English and French learners since you’ll be able to see the equivalents, or not, in each language! 

7 ways to reinvent your Easter leftovers — and some of them are surprising

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Just in case you’ve got lots of leftovers from Easter dinner, here are a few ideas for what to do with them. And if you’re learning English, discover what Canadians make for their Easter feast! 



Cette semaine avec Groupetude: nos astuces pour la grammaire, le vocabulaire et l'apprentissage long terme.

Long Term Improvement

I’ve been listening to a lot of old French music lately, since my mother-in-law gave us some of her LP collection. And guess what, it’s a great way to learn really nice French! I’m talking about artists like Juliette Greco and Brassens. French learners, give it a try! Now for those of you learning English, listen to Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton or Paul Simon. I particularly love Paul Simon because you can really just listen to the lyrics!


This one’s for you beginners. When I started learning French, I bought myself a children’s book: Martine à la Maison, and I learned all sorts of useful words! Ok, as a parent, I wouldn’t read this to my kid as I find it quite boring, but for everyday vocab it’s fab. And if you’re learning English? Try reading Peppa Pig in English to your kids, they’ll love it, and you’ll learn some simple but useful vocabulary. 

Grammar Spot

Helpful hint: if you’re learning a new tense, pick a sentence in that tense that you’ll remember, and then reuse it, by replacing words, in different contexts. In English, this could be helpful for practicing the conditional, and in French, it’s a great way to remember when to use the seemingly insurmountable subjonctif! 

Groupetude: une apprentissage différent des autres!

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