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This week: Spring

By Klaudyna Piatek March 31, 2021

Spring is in the air! 

As the unusually hot weather has arrived, I have been enjoying the great outdoors (in the city for the time being) with my dog and my son. It’s finally sweater weather, and even, dare I say it? T-shirt weather, when the sun beams down on you!

So what kinds of activities can you get out and do? Well, how about a hike, a bike ride in the park, a longer walk with your dog. I also enjoy a nice jog with my pup, even if it’s only around the track nearby. 

So get outside, everyone, and enjoy the fresh-ish air! 



What’s the worst possible insult you can use in French?

french/ »>https://www.thelocal.fr/20210302/whats-the-worst-possible-insult-you-can-use-in-french/</a>

I thought this article could be interesting, both for those of you who are French, what do you think, are they right? And for those who are English speakers, there’s a learning curve! 

Sow what? Everything you need to grow vegetables from seed, starting now


Since it’s our first Spring issue, why not read about planting? I’ll be using this article soon as well! Last week-end, I went to the local garden store and got some seeds for mint, basil and chamomile. However, I’m really not a very good gardener so I’ll have to follow the instructions very closely and then cross my fingers! 



Long Term Improvement

I’m once again going to go for advice about doing an activity that you really enjoy in your target language. Since it’s planting season, why not learn about the different herbs and flowers you can plant? It’s easy to find translations online, and you could try out your skills at the local garden store, if you’re learning French, or watch some tutorials on YouTube, if you’re learning English!


This one is related to the post above. Learn about the various things you can plant! Check out the library, if you’re learning French (they’re still open!) or read the article posted above to learn about common English vocabulary related to Spring. 

Grammar Spot

This may sound a little weird at first, but, talk to yourself! Of course, you don’t have to do this out loud, but try to think in the target language. This really will help you consolidate your grammar, especially if you don’t have many real people to practice with. I used to do this all the time while learning French, and I just replaced the words I didn’t know with English or Polish ones! 

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