Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

This year, as last year, celebration won’t be quite as raucous as usual, but let’s tip our hat to Ireland’s patron saint anyway and talk a little about the day.

For starters, in many of the social circles and cities I’ve floated around in, Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful excuse to go out to the closest Irish Pub and party. Everyone wears green, or a least a big green hat, and drinks beer in the numerous beer gardens that wake up slowly after a long winter.

But what is Saint Patrick’s Day, and what are some of its traditions?

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was born in the 4th century in Roman Britain and was brought to Ireland after he was kidnapped at the age of 16 and enslaved. After he escaped captivity, he returned to Ireland to convert it to Christianity. He opened schools, churches and monasteries around the country and is now celebrated on the day of his supposed death.

Some of the traditions surrounding Saint Patrick are: wearing green (this is supposed to render you invisible to Leprechauns, who apparently like to pinch people), attending parades, parties, brandishing Ireland’s symbol, the shamrock, or clover; in Chicago, the city even dyes the Chicago river green in celebration!

Traditionally, Saint Patrick’s Day is a feast day in celebration of the saint, however, it became a secular holiday with Irish immigrants to the United States, who introduced many longstanding traditions (like dyeing the Chicago River green) that are celebrated to this day!

So what are some ways in which you can celebrate today?

  • Wear green!
  • Listen to some Irish music.
  • Go exploring outside with your kids in search of shamrocks, maybe you’ll even find a four leaf clover and reap its good luck!
  • Bake a green cake and decorate it in more Irish colours.
  • Learn how to spell « Leprechaun » (this is one I struggle with)!
  • Have a beer, you can even dye it green!

So what did you do this Saint Patrick’s Day? How do you normally celebrate it? Personally, I rarely do, the bars and pubs have always been too full in the past and I like to get comfortable with my beer!

Okay, so where did I learn all this? See below!



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