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By Klaudyna Piatek March 15, 2021

I am happy to relate that our very first workshop: Brownie Bonanza, was a great success! We made some delicious brownies and have been able to enjoy them all week-end long. Today’s breakfast was particularly yummy! So make sure you don’t miss out on the next baking workshop on Saturday, March 27th, when we will make chocolate chip muffins! 

While we wait for this one, however, you can still join us for our Idioms workshop this Saturday, March 20th. Learn some common English expressions over a cup of morning coffee and a chat about the upcoming week-end. 



Musicians in lockdown: ‘My piano kept me going’


It has been a long time since I’ve been to a concert of any kind. For me, it’s leisure, I would like it to be otherwise, but ultimately, I’m ok without it for now. However, for musicians, it’s their livelihood. Read about how some of them are getting through these strange times.

This picture taken on October 25, 2013 shows Saint-Veran, the highest village in Europe at an altitude of 2042 meters, in the regional park of Queyras, in the French Alps, southeastern France. AFP PHOTO / JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT (Photo by JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT / AFP)

Discover 14 of France’s most beautiful and best-loved villages


Another article about travelling (like last week) but this time a little closer to home. If you’re wondering where to go for the next vacation, why not visit what’s in your own backyard ?! France has so many lovely places to see, this year, seize the opportunity to discover them!



Long Term Improvement

Are you looking for a kick back to the 90’s? Why not do it in English and discover the real voices of all those actors you’ve heard dubbed! I, of course, am discovering them in French, and how strange! But really, if you have Disney Plus, they’ve added tons of movies and shows from the end of the 20th century. So go for a bit of nostalgia in English! 


Sticky notes. Yes, you read me right, use sticky notes! I put virtual ones on my computer desktop as well as real paper ones around the house to help me remember words that just don’t want to stick!  

Grammar Spot

This week we’re still on adjectives, and the tip of the week? If you want to transform a verb into an adjective, all you need to do is put it into the past simple. For example: frighten becomes frightened; stoop becomes stopped; love becomes loved. 

A frightened child. A stooped old man. A dearly loved teddy bear. 

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