During the first lockdown, I discovered Khan Academy Kids. I already knew about Khan Academy, the website which became famous for helping students all over the world with their math and science homework. I also knew of their English as a second language section, because I had used it with my middle school students. Well, their kids app is just great! 

Even though I tend to think that young children should generally steer clear of tablet use, my husband and I really had very little choice of activities for our son, then 3, if we wanted to get any work done at all. 

Here is why I like the app:

  • It evolves with your child. When you first download it, you are asked to enter your child’s age. As they grow, the activities become more challenging. 
  • Interesting and fun activities that children enjoy: drawing, searching, tracing, songs, books, sorting, etc. 
  • It’s varied: your child won’t do exactly the same thing twice in one session. 
  • The library: although I’ve read better books, my son seems to love their selection. They’re also educational, teaching kids about the natural world, cities, and other general topics. 

All in all, if you’re looking for something to help your kids learn English and occupy them with something educational, then try this app. 


lockdown the period of time when we all have to stay home
famous something many people know about
middle school students kids from about 11-14 years old
tend to to have a tendency to do something; have a habit of
evolves adapts
tracing to draw along a line that has already been drawn/printed
sorting separating things into boxes, for example: sort the trash = separate the glass from the plastic and the garbage, etc. 

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