In order to learn, students must understand the reasons behind their work, enjoy it, and, of course, find motivation.

For a learner to be mentally stimulated, his or her work needs to be challenging, but not feel insurmountable.

By introducing new problems and objectives each week, students learn how to work together to find solutions and communicate in the target language.

Learning doesn’t happen on its own.

Types of lessons

In our group lessons, each student is placed in a small, homogenous group of 3 to 6. Our objective is to facilitate learning through discussion and work on up-to-date subjects that matter.

We also offer private tutoring, and tailor lessons to the needs of our students.

How we connect

Students connect to their virtual classroom from their personal device thanks to a link sent to them through Google Classroom, where they can assess all the material we’ve been working on.

In person lessons are possible for students residing in Aix en Provence.

Tutoring for bilingual and native English speakers

We also offer private and group tutoring for native and bilingual teens and preteens to prepare them for their IGCSEs, and the IB program in English literature, and language.

Our philosophy remains the same: in order for kids to learn, they need to find enjoyment and interest in the subject. That’s what we strive to do. My own passion is for books and literature and my prerogative is to help kids and teens see the value and fun in books!

If you’d like further information, book a call with me, I’ll be happy to chat!

Have you just arrived in France? Do your kids need help with French?

We will help them hone their language skills and fit in with French society and culture.