Klaudyna Piatek


I created this school because I want to bring the pleasure of learning to students of all ages. I’ve also always found that learning in a group setting is the best way to facilitate learning and make it fun and interesting.

Having grown up in Canada, learning within a group dynamic had always been a part of school culture; our teachers set out a particular goal, and the students worked together to solve the problem at hand. Now, after 10 years’ experience in teaching from middle school through university and adult learning, I continue to adhere to that philosophy. We learn best when we learn together.

Many studies have shown that when student students learn together, they not only learn better, but are more interested in what they’re doing. Pleasure in learning is primordial, and in today’s ever-changing world, we must all be able to learn how to adapt, reinvent ourselves, and work in harmony with others.

I wanted to open a healthy school where the teachers, the students and parents feel comfortable; where we can safely question the status quo; where we can push each other to go further, to do better, and to grow.

Julie Castagnet

Head teacher

I joined the team at Groupetude because I heartily believe that learning within a group dynamic is as close as one can get to a real world work scenario. There is no better way to learn a language than by communicating with other learners, with people with whom we share experiences and values, who have similar objectives, and on whom we can count.

A learner rarely takes only what he or she is given, but shares that knowledge with others. This is what I’ve learned in my 10 years as a French teacher to children, teens and adults. Over the years, abroad and in France, I have understood that mutual aid, and regard for one another are key to nourishing a rich linguistic and educational experience.

Interact, emulate, motivate; cooperate, exchange points of view, communicate; these are the staples of the kind of relationships one can build within a safe and comfortable learning environment; where students develop life-long skills; where multiculturalism and openness thrive, and where everyone matters. Real learning doesn’t only come from books, but from these dynamics, brought forward with a smile.

Together, we can go further.

Yaëlle Lambert

Freelance French teacher

I am a native French speaker from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). I graduated with a Masters degree in teaching French Literature and an additional Masters in teaching French as a foreign language. I have worked in France (Paris, Cahors), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and settled down in Bordeaux 3 years ago.

I have extensive experience in French tutoring and what I love the most is sharing my culture and love for the French language, while providing students guidance and support to communicate and exchange in French.

Apart from teaching French, I love cooking (I wrote a few books), reading, doing yoga, swimming and hiking. Going out with friends for an « apéro » or a dinner is also something I really appreciate !