Study with us; we’ll fit your needs and your busy schedule.

Why us?

With all our lessons online, you no longer need to choose between you professional responsibilities and learning a new language. 

Choose a time table that fits your busy schedule.​

Our programs are designed to engage in deliberate practice, leading to real results.​​


Learn to comfortably communicate in your target language without leaving your home or office.

Meet like-minded people who are also looking to improve their skills.

Practice your target language using material taken from original sources; goodbye exercise books! ​

How often?

Sign up today for a month long or a semester long program to improve or nurture your language skills.

3 lessons per week (in groups of 3 to 6). 

You can also choose one on one lessons, adapted to your specific needs.​

Attend your language lessons virtually, using the latest technology. 

Our conference call application of choice is Zoom.

You’ve certainly heard about Zoom over the past year; indeed, it would be almost impossible not to have seen it on the news. During the first lockdown, we discovered this tool, which helped us to not only carry on with lessons on a daily basis, but also to find new ways of working with students virtually.

To find out a little more about the app, watch the video below.

We are, of course, dedicated to your online safety. We have and will continue to take every precaution to protect your data and that of your children. Each session, therefore, is protected by a unique password, and lessons are accessible only after the teacher has invited you into the virtual classroom.