You too can become bilingual in French!

Learn French to:

  • boost your career
  • prepare your relocation
  • have fun

Who we help:

  • retirees who want to make France their new home
  • professionals who’ve made the decision to expatriate
  • teenagers who need a boost to fit into a French school

Join our learning groups and you will not only become fluent in French, but gain a deeper understanding of French culture, make friends, and be surrounded by a support group of people who are in the same boat.


J’ai trouvé Groupetude par hasard et quelle chance!  Klaudyna a rapidement répondu à mes premières questions puis m’a mis en relation avec Julie. Les méthodes d’enseignement de Julie sont parfaitement adaptées à mon style d’apprentissage et je suis tellement reconnaissante d’avoir trouvé quelqu’un qui non seulement m’enseigne le français mais fait aussi de mon expérience d’apprentissage une vraie joie! Merci à vous deux! Je recommande vivement Groupetude à tous ceux qui envisagent de prendre des cours de français.

Victoria Ford

Julie is an amazing teacher! Our French classes with her were always fun and very educational at the same time.

Serafina Tahiri

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Why us?

With all our lessons online, you no longer need to choose between you professional responsibilities and learning a new language. 

Choose a time table that fits your busy schedule.​

Our programs are designed to engage in deliberate practice, leading to real results.​​


Learn to comfortably communicate in your target language without leaving your home or office.

Meet like-minded people who are also looking to improve their skills.

Practice your target language using material taken from original sources; goodbye exercise books! ​

How often?

Sign up today for a 12 week program to improve or nurture your language skills: 3 lessons per week (in groups of 3 to 6). 

You can choose one on one lessons, adapted to your specific needs.​

Or, join our weekly conversation classes where you can simply practice your conversation skills in French.

  • Innovative and motivating lessons to accompany learners from start to finish.
  • Qualified and passionate team of teachers and mentors.
  • Specially curated learning plans to suit everyone.
  • Join a community of learners and friends!

We are here to accompany you as teachers, but also as mentors, because learning is a life-long endeavor!

Be bold, making mistakes is a big part of learning!

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At Groupetude, we emphasize group work in order to facilitate communication. Learners meet regularly throughout the week and work together to solve problems, discuss solutions and really learn how to put their knowledge to use.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our learners with the necessary tools to continue their linguistic journey well after they have finished our program. Learning is a life-long endeavor, whether or not we are enrolled in a formal institution.

Together, let’s make language learning better.