If we are going to do fusion cuisine, why not go all the way, right? I made this dish yesterday for myself and my husband, and it was delicious, if almost totally accidental. 

Over the holidays, we kind of dropped off our planned grocery shopping outings, and last night, we wound up wondering what on earth we were going to cook for dinner with a mostly empty fridge. Luckily for us, we had onions, parmesan, and lots of different spices. So here we go!

Here is my recipe for a curry risotto; but beware, it’s spicy! 

For 3 people


250g of risotto rice  (riz)
tablespoons of olive oil (approximately, you may have to adjust the quantity a little depending on your pan) (l’huile d’olive)
1 tablespoon of curry powder (poudre de curry)
1 tablespoon of cumin powder (poudre de cumin)
teaspoons of sweet chili powder (poudre de piment doux)
1 vegetable stock cube (carré de bouillon de légumes)
800ml of water (you may have to adjust this slightly)
100g of grated parmesan + more to taste if you like (parmesan rapé)
1 onion, or 2 if your onions are very small; finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped (1 gousse d’ail)


Make the stock and set it on the side.

Fry (frire) the garlic and the onion over a medium heat (feu moyen) in the olive oil until golden. This should take about 5 minutes. Make sure you stay beside it, stirring often so it doesn’t burn (brûler). 

Add the rice, and continue stirring often, for about 2 to 5 minutes, until the rice is golden. 

Pour (verser) enough stock to just cover the rice, stir almost continuously. When the rice has absorbed almost all of the stock, add more, using the same procedure as before. Keep doing this until the rice is cooked; about 25 minutes over a medium heat. 

When most of the stock is absorbed, add the Parmesan, little by little, and stir continuously. 

When all the Parmesan is mixed in, your risotto is ready to serve. Enjoy! 

Let me know if you made the recipe, and how it turned out in the comments below !


fusion cuisine the type of cooking which mixes recipes from different cultures 
dish food prepared in a particular way
dropped off stopped doing something (not to confuse with to drop off which means to take a person somewhere)
grocery shopping buying food
outing a trip outside somewhere
wind up doing something to do something unplanned
beware be careful
tablespoons big soup spoon
teaspoons small spoon
adjust change a little bit
finely chopped cut into very small pieces
stirring mixing

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