Today’s grammar spot is once again, about conjunctions. We’re going to persevere with these over the next couple of weeks because I think they’re very important. As I said previously, they’re marvelous in terms of increasing fluidity in writing.

Here are some more example sentences for each conjunction:


The trampoline is a great way to exercise, however, there is a maximum weight!

In summer time, the days a long and lazy. However, the days in winter are very short.


Add the eggs, but remember to keep stirring.

I like scrambled eggs, but I really prefer an omelet.

On the other hand

There’s something so romantic about an old-fashioned record player. On the other hand, it’s so much easier to just listen to music from my phone.

Wireless vacuum cleaners have become my absolute favourite, on the other hand, they’re much more expensive!

Do you have questions? Do you need more examples or help? Leave us a comment below!

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