What’s the best way to get around town you ask? My favourite is certainly by bike, though it does depend on the circumstances.

Photo by Abi Shreider via Unsplash

Here are some reasons why bikes are wonderful:

  • They are good for the planet.
  • They are good for the body.
  • They are fun!
  • On a bike, as I glide down the street, I feel free, as if I’m flying through town!

Here are some downsides to bikes:

  • Depending on where you live, they’re not the safest mode of transport. For example, when there aren’t enough proper bicycle lanes and drivers disregard you on the road.
  • If you live in a place with lots of hills, you might end up arriving at your destination in a sweaty mess; however, electric bikes can remedy this issue, if you have the budget for one.
  • You can’t really take your whole family on a bike. Let me explain, I know you can put your child in a bike seat at the back, but if your child is at an age where they’re still too young to follow you on the road, yet too big to fit in the child seat, you’re a bit stuck for options. In this case, though, I go with a scooter!

Why I like scooters:

  • They’re fun!
  • You can go pretty much anywhere on a scooter.
  • You can scoot along with your young child on the sidewalk, particularly when they get too big to fit on a bike seat but are too young to cycle behind you on the road.
  • They’re good exercise.

How else can you get around town? Well, I suppose the car is an option, but it’s always my least favourite. Not only are cars polluting and noisy, but they end up being expensive if you try to park one downtown, and you often end up wasting precious time driving around in circles trying to find a parking space. They’re also, of course, bad for you because you just sit in one: no exercise. We live in an age where people really don’t move enough, even when they do set aside a half hour or an hour each day to go to the gym etc.

When all else fails, we walk or take the bus if a place is too far or it’s raining. I think people have really forgotten the joy of walking. Walking is excellent. I mean, you get exercise simply by going from A to B, AND you have time think, chat, listen to a book or a podcast, or just to some music. I’ve always walked everywhere and found it to be a stellar way to get around. I highly encourage you to try it.

What’s your favourite way to get around town? Leave your comments below!


get around town to go from one place to another in a town

downsides disadvantage, bad side

safe not dangerous

mode of transport a way to go from one place to another, for example, a bike or a car

bicycle lanes a special area on a street where only bikes can go

disregard to not pay attention to something or someone

sweaty mess to sweat, mean to perspire; a sweaty mess is when you have perspired a lot

remedy fix

scooter in French, a trottinette

sidewalk the part of a street where people walk

noisy makes a lot of loud sounds

When all else fails if you do not have any other options

stellar great

Featured image: Timon Klauser via unsplash

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